With well over 200 accelerated graphics drivers developed and certified on multiple OS’es and platforms by our engineering team SciTech is uniquely qualified to assist in your next custom driver development effort. SciTech offers the development tools, knowledge, and QA processes required to assist your engineering team in their efforts, or to take a solution from start to a ship ready product based on your specific needs.



DDC/CI Drivers High Definition Audio drivers
2D Accelerated Graphics Drivers AC97 Audio Drivers
Software 3D for embedded systems PCI Bus Drivers
High Performance GUI Tool Kits Serial Port Drivers
Graphic Tool Kits Compilers
User Interface development for Commercial and Industrial Applications OpenGL TO DirectX Translation Engines
3D Stereo Drivers and much more!



We believe that a solution is more than simply the sum of its coded parts. A SciTech supplied solution starts by building a complete understanding of our customers, their customers, and the needs of both. This viewpoint allows SciTech to build a more holistic customer centric solution and avoid costly miscommunications and related delays.

SciTech is keenly sensitive to all agendas directly or indirectly presented during the life cycle of a project. This unique attribute helps to avoid unexpected issues from cropping up and causing unneeded concern and delay.

The ability to listen to a customers needs and deliver a solution that exactly meets those needs. Here are a few customers whom we assisted by first listening and then delivering a solution that exactly fit their needs.
A genuine desire to improve a solution with the wisdom to understand when it’s simply not in the cards. Some of our customers have more to worry about than leading edge solutions. Often times they are looking for a stable time tested solution to an existing problem and turn to SciTech to deliver. Customer Case Study
We employ rigid and automated driver validation and certification tools to insure that SciTech supplied solutions are rock-solid. Because we developed our own test suite SciTech has the unique understanding/ability to quickly add additional tests to ensure that newly discovered issues are identified, addressed and eliminated from future builds.
First hand knowledge of how quickly “non-issues” become “ship-issues” and the expertise to plan for, and prevent them. Our extensive deployment of bug tracking software ensures that everyone in the company is aware of all known issues and can work to address them.
A unique perspective of what it means to have your company name associated with an end-user product. Because we deal directly with end-users through our own consumer product line SciTech is better able to understand what motivates a consumer. This first hand knowledge is built into every solution we deliver.
When SciTech delivers a solution we understand that the reputation of everyone associated with the project is at stake and strive to ensure success. Customer Case Study
SciTech’s interest in the completed product extends well past the expiration of our initial contract. Our business is based on the success of your business. The majority of our new customers come to us from referrals from past and existing customers.




SciTechs successes have always been based on our strong and committed customer base, a dedicated team, and close working relationships with industry leaders such as ATI, IBM, INTEL, HP, FUJITSU SIEMENS, MATROX, AMD, TROLLTECH, and others, SciTech continues to innovate in the field of advanced graphics support and develop solutions which are capable of adapting to the needs of our customers.

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