Company Name:
Mackie Designs

The Challenge:
Mackie Designs is dedicated to developing and manufacturing high-quality, affordable professional analog and digital audio products for use in both recording and sound reinforcement environments. Our systems use real-time embedded PC’s, and due to the high performance requirements of our products, we must have fast, efficient, and reliable PC software. Our products sell to musicians and professional/semi-professional recording engineers who often spend 10 or 12 hours per day in front of the video screen and therefore demand great looking, highly usable interfaces.

SciTech Products Used:
SciTech MGL
SciTech SNAP Graphics Drivers for SMX

Benefits of Using SciTech:
MGLs professional graphics libraries were unbeatable in terms of cutting development time and associated costs.
SciTech SNAP and MGL work well together right out of the box to give our developers a head start.
SciTech SNAP technology was un beatable at providing the advanced driver level support we were looking for.
SciTech continues to update the drivers so that over the life cycle of the product we are able to source new video cards as old ones go obsolete.

The Solution:
As part of our system solution, we chose SMX as basic operating system due to its speed and reliability. Quite frankly, no one even comes close to offering the level of support that SciTech does for this operating system when it comes to fast, efficient drivers for the latest video cards. Faced with the alternative of ‘doing it ourselves’ and writing a video driver to support new cards as old ones go obsolete, SciTech offers fantastic value and allows our products to have long life spans. The drivers and MGL library have been very reliable and the few problems we’ve had with them have been quickly addressed.