SciTech Software Inc. Announces that the Complete Source Code to its Leading Edge Graphics Driver Technology SciTech SNAP Graphics is for Sale

Chico, California — (November 16, 2006) — SciTech Software, Inc. today announced that it has ceased further development of its SNAP device driver technology in favor of a new line of web and business logic technologies. SciTech also announced that it would begin looking for a buyer for the company’s existing core technology, SciTech SNAP. SciTech SNAP represents both a massive code base as well as a major advancement in the field of operating system independent device driver development. With existing support for well in excess of 240 unique graphics chipsets, HD and AC97 audio codecs, and nearly a dozen API’s and operating systems, SciTech is confident that the technology will attract a the attentions of a well qualified buyer. Interested parties should email Andrew Bloo at the following email address: [email protected]

“It is with great sadness that we have come to the end of the road for SciTech as a team” said Andrew Bloo, SciTech’s outgoing CEO, adding, “ I believe very strongly in the solutions that we have created and am admittedly disappointed by this outcome.”SciTech Snap Graphics is a unique solution that provides an unrivaled level of support and features sets to the embedded industrial market segments. Leading edge companies have also used SciTech SNAP as a means of supporting operating system and hardware, which are no longer, supported by their original developers. In addition to this SciTech SNAP also has an advanced set of supporting tools, which ensure its compatibility with a wide range of hardware solutions. Read Complete Press Release
Chico, California — (November, 7 2006)
Effective immediately, Kendall Bennett has assumed the Roll of CEO, requesting that SciTech’s current CEO, Mr. Bloo remain with the company as the VP of Sales and Marketing.
Chico, California — (October, 26 2006)
SciTech announces the release of a SciTech funded study designed to provide open source developers with the information required to develop support for shared libraries and position independent code in the Open Watcom compiler as a part of the Open Watcom Linux porting effort.
White Paper — (September, 19 2006)
Building on the foundation of Open Watcom debugger cross-platform tools, SciTech Software Inc. has extended debugger support for QNX Neutrino x86 targets.
Chico, California — (August 30, 2006) — SciTech Software Inc. today announced that it plans to release an internally funded project to port the Open Watcom remote debugger for use with QNX Neutrino targets.
Chico, California — (August 24, 2006) — SciTech Software Inc. Confirms plans to extend its embedded systems support for Intel Integrated Graphics Chipsets.
Chico, California — (August 21, 2006) — SciTech Software Inc. breaths new life into the AMD GEODE with a powerful driver solution, offering unrivaled performance and a host of features targeting embedded applications.
Chico, California — (August 16, 2006) — SciTech Software Inc. announces the availablity of screen orientation controll (Rotation) for custom embedded applications.
Chico, California — (June 20, 2006) — SciTech Software Inc. announces the release of SciTech’s exclusive priority accelerator, providing faster screen updates to accommodate a greater number of attached DPVL compatible displays with improved performance.
Chico, California — (May 31, 2006) — SciTech Software Inc. announces that its latest Windows XP Graphics Drivers rival their OEM counterparts in Industry standard 2D performance benchmarks.
Chico, California — (April 3, 2006) — SciTech Software Inc. announces support for the Via embedded platform featuring the CLE 266 – SciTech SNAP driver support packages are now available for download here!

Chico, California — (March 10, 2006) — SciTech Software Inc. announces Andrew Bloo has been named the company’s Chief Executive Officer.
Announcement: February 21, 2006 – SciTech wraps up development of advanced multi-controller support for use in ATM’s (Automated teller machines)
Announcement: February 18, 2006 – SciTech SNAP Graphics IES to include as an optional feature video input support on select hardware for specialized inspection and security based systems
Chico, Calif., January 2, 2006 – Attach an Unlimited Number of DPVL Enabled Displays to a Single Graphics Card with SciTech SNAP

Chico, Calif., Nov 7, 2005 – NEC Computers et SciTech Software Inc. s’associent pour fournir des solutions logicielles à la demande
Announcement: October, 2005 – Fujitsu SiemensComputers licenses a special OEM version of SciTech SNAP Graphics for Windows NT supporting Intel graphics hardware
Announcement: September, 2005 – HP licenses SciTech SNAP Graphics for Windows NT
Chico, Calif., July 19, 2005 – SciTech Introduces a Revolutionary New X Windows Graphics Driver Solution for Thin Client based Networks.
Chico, Calif., June 6, 2005 – SciTech SNAP Graphics 3.0 Offers Video Acceleration and Unrivaled Driver Support For The Linux Enterprise
Chico, Calif., May 3, 2005 – SciTech Software Provides Powerful Video Acceleration to Embedded Linux Developers On PowerPC Based Systems.

Chico, Calif., September 1, 2004 -SciTech SNAP Graphics IES with SNAP Boot Technology Brings Graphic Punch to PowerPC Based Industrial Embedded Systems.
Chico, Calif., July 26, 2004 -SciTech SNAP Graphics IES Provides Robust Graphics Support to Windows CE-Based Devices
Chico, Calif., July 12, 2004 – SciTech Software Inc. Releases Graphics Support for Windows NT 4.0.

Chico, Calif., June 9, 2004 – SciTech Software Inc Releases a Revolutionary Service for Linux Users.

Press Release: May 26, 2004 – SciTech GLDirect 5.0 Ignites DX9 Compatible Graphics Hardware
Announcement: May 10, 2004
SciTech GLDirect 5.0 Beta is now available with advanced support for DX9 compatible hardware!
White Paper: Febuary 10, 2004
Scitech SNAP Graphics Architecture on Unununium – Richard Fillion discusses porting SNAP to the Unununium operating system.
Announcement: January 29, 2004
SciTech SNAP Graphics IES Offers Accelerated Performance for On Time RTOS-32.
Press Release: January 13, 2004
SciTech Software Announces Release of Open Watcom 1.2

White Paper: November 21, 2003
SciTech SNAP Graphics IES – An Accelerated 32-bit Graphics BIOS for The Industrial Embedded Systems Market
SciTech SNAP Graphics for Linux Now Supports Fedore Core 1
SciTech SNAP Graphics IES to Support On Time RTOS-32
Press Release: October 22, 2003
SciTech Software and ATI Technologies Renew Agreement to Provide Leading Edge Solutions for Next Generation Hardware
Announcement: October 1, 2003
SciTech celebrates its 10-Year-Anniversary and the realization of a dream!
Review: September 26, 2003
The Jem Report Reviews SciTech SNAP Graphics for Linux
Press Release: September 15, 2003
SciTech SciTech Software Announces Open Watcom 1.1 Now Available
Press Release: September 4, 2003
SciTech and Trolltech provide 2D graphics hardware acceleration support for embedded Linux.
Announcement: September 4, 2003
SciTech SNAP Graphics 2.0 for Linux now available!
Review: September 2, 2003
Linux Format Reviews SciTech SNAP Graphics for Linux, and Richard Drummond Thinks SciTech has the Answer
Announcement: August 25, 2003
SciTech SNAP Graphics 2.0.0 RC1 for Linux Professional Edition Released
Announcement: August 8, 2003
SciTech MGL Public Release 11 Now Available
Announcement: August 4, 2003
SciTech Software Inc. releases SciTech GLD 4.0 with support for DX7/8/9 and improved game performance.
Announcement: July 18, 2003
SciTech Software Inc. Responds to Increased Customer Demand for Industrial Systems Solutions with Announcement of New SciTech SNAP Graphics IES product line.
Press Release: June 16, 2003
SciTech SNAP Graphics will be placed in the heart of HP’s OS/2 based enterprise HP Compaq business desktop systems.
Announcement: June 10, 2003
New SciTech SNAP Graphics for Linux Beta released with support for more than 100 chipset’s including the latest hardware from NViDIA.
Press Release: June 2, 2003
SciTech MGL 5 R10 released – provides tools required to develop fully accelerated graphical applications and games for linux without X!
Announcement: May 15, 2003
SciTech releases the public beta of SciTech SNAP Graphics for Linux
Announcement: May 15, 2003
Rocklyte Systems Releases New Commercial Operating System – Combining Rocklyte technology, SciTech’s SNAP Graphics and the Linux kernel.
Announcement: March 28, 2003
SciTech readies Linux version of SciTech SNAP Graphics for public Beta release!
Press Release: February 18, 2003
SciTech SNAP to Provide Amiga with Next Generation Graphics Support
Announcement: February 7, 2003
Open Watcom 1.0 available for purchase on CD or as a free download from!
Press Release: January 22, 2003
SciTech SNAP Graphics Ignites Qt/Embedded With Full 2D Graphics Acceleration
Announcement: January 15, 2003
SciTech begins alpha testing on new Linux version of SciTech SNAP Graphics!
Announcement: January 1, 2003
SciTech Announces that IBM has licensed a special version of SciTech SNAP Graphics for OS/2

Announcement: December 17, 2002 – SciTech Reaches Agreement with Intel on Future OS/2 Graphics Driver Support for Integrated Graphics Chipset Platforms
November 25, 2002 – SciTech Software provides the tools needed to drop X11 from Athene OS
November 20, 2002 – Rocklyte licenses SciTech SNAP Graphics for use in Athene OS.
October 25, 2002 – SciTech releases SciTech SNAP SDK documentation, and Programmers guide. Included is more than 600 pages of reference and examples.
October 5, 2002 -SciTech CEO, Kendall Bennett speaks at Warpstock 2002 in Austin, Texas.
August 8, 2002 – SciTech SNAP Graphics now supports nearly 180 chip sets!
August 27, 2002 – SciTech Software Inc. to Open Source Its Proprietary Device Driver Architecture
July 31, 2002 – SciTech Releases Latest SciTech SNAP Graphics for QNX 4.
July 31, 2002 – SciTech Releases Latest SciTech SNAP Graphics for DOS.
July 23, 2002 – SciTech Releases Latest SciTech SNAP Graphics for OS/2 Beta!.
July 22, 2002 – SciTech Software Releases SciTech VBE Test Suite 8.0 and provides hardware vendors with a complete test suite designed to make it more cost effective to ensure VBE 3.0 compatibility.
June 25, 2002 – SciTech GLDirect 3 adds support for the latest graphics cards including ATI’s complete Radeon family and gets another performance boost in the process
April 19, 2002 – SciTech Software Announces it has restructured to provide a positive environment for growth and development of new technologies
April 5, 2002 – SciTech Software Announces That SciTech Display Doctor Has Surpassed 1 Million Downloads
April 1, 2002 – SciTech Software Announces Plans to Relocate Its Corporate Headquarters To A New Facility In Chico Ca
March 25, 2002 – SciTech Software Announces That Andrew Bloo Has Been Promoted to Director of Sales & Marketing
March 22, 2002 – SciTech Software Announces That Founder Kendall Bennett Has Assumed The Roll Of CEO & Is Expected To Announce A New Product Line
March 12, 2002 – SciTech Software Announces That MACKIE Designs Has Licensed A Version SciTech Nucleus Technology For Use In Its Professional Audio Equipment
March 1, 2002 – SciTech Software Announces Beta Release Of SciTech Display Doctor for Windows
February 28, 2002 – SciTech Software Announces Gold Release of SciTech Display Doctor For OS/2
February 26, 2002 – SciTech Software Announces Launch of Open Watcom Market Place

September 27, 2001 – SciTech Announces Watcom 11.0c Beta Release

September 29, 2000 – to Use Perforce- the Fast Software Config Management System
August 22, 2000 – Sybase To Open Source Watcom C/C++ and Fortran Compilers

October 11, 1999 – IBM Licenses SciTech Software’s Graphics Technology
September 23, 1998 – SciTech Software Introduces Universal Display Driver Utility for Linux